Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm Off to the Convention

Apollocon is finally upon me, and it's time to find out what being on the other side of that table in the dealer's room is all about. I'll be selling my books...

The Ways of Khrem (my novel)
The Middle of Nowhere; Horror in Rural America anthology (my story is "Storm Chase")
The Bitter End; Tales of Nautical Terror anthology (my story is "The World in Strips")
Pandora's Nightmare: Horror Unleashed anthology (my stories are "So It Begins", and "And So It Ends")
Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets: Werewolf anthology (my story is "Roadkill"
Mystery of the Green Mist: Mystery anthology (my story is "Between Friends")

I will be selling these books for either a tiny profit, cost, or below cost...depending on the title. At this point it's more important to get myself read. Besides, I'm starting to come to a conclusion about print books. I'm beginning to think they are more use to the small time author as mobile advertising for the upcoming ebook than they are as a source of income themselves.

Oh well, I didn't get everything done that I planned for this convention; partially because I didn't even have some of those plans until a few hours ago...see how my mind works...but mainly because I just ran out of time. It's okay, I've got the basics covered. Now it's time to get ready to go.

One last thought...once this convention is over, I'm going to scale back the energy and thought I've put into promoting lately and start concentrating on writing again. Fun is fun, but it's time to get back to work and start producing.

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