Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Digital Play

Above, is a very rough mock-up what I'm thinking the ghost story collection for the Kindle could look like. I've still got a lot of different fonts to try out on that 4, and I'm considering enlarging it a little more. I want the cover to be simple and strong. This is just one idea, and I've got a couple of others...but I would need to do a little free hand art to pull those off and that's not easy for me. Still, it's worth a try.

As Apollocon approaches, I've been doing more artwork than writing anyways. I'm designing bookmarks to give away to the people I actually manage to sell my book too. Heck, I'll give them away to people who just need them. I'll have one set advertising The Ways of Khrem, and another set advertising The Barrow Wolf. No point in putting a bookmark into a matching book.

Truthfully, I'm having fun. I used to enjoy doing artwork before my hands started going bad, and now this lets me do it all over again. And it's actually for a purpose, which makes it all that much more rewarding to do. So it's like a + satisfaction.

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