Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blogging From Word 2007

I didn't do any writing today, and it felt marvelous. I got my routine car maintenance taken care of, my daughter taken to her therapist, then napped the late afternoon away. It was glorious, but now I have to do something to justify my existence today.

So I'm trying out this blogging feature on Word 2007 to see if I can figure it out. Gotta learn something new if I'm not going to write anything. Even a failed experiment is better than no experiment at all. I'm trying to learn as much as my poor old sieve of a mind can take, and it often rebels at the task. Sometimes I wish I had started this career a lot younger, but then I remember I was pretty much an idiot then too.

Especially when it comes to technology.

You know that guy, the one who just intuitively knows where each cord goes on the dvd player, and can instinctively work his way through the menus on the tv setup guide? Well, I'm that other guy…the once standing in the corner looking stupidly at the remote control and wondering if he just slagged a five hundred dollar piece of equipment by merely pushing the wrong button. Yeah, that's me. If there is a secret "detonate" button on a remote, I'll hit it.

Oh well, that's my cheery thought for the morning.


UPDATE: Well, I would call that a partial success. The font came across, even if it does make the readers eyes want to bleed, but the picture wouldn't load. Oh well, it was worth playing around with.

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