Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things Approach

Well, I have two out of my three critiques written so only one left to go. Naturally I saved the toughest for last. Hopefully I can hammer this one out over the next 24 hours and I will have that behind me. After that I will bind the critiques with copies of the other authors manuscripts that I have already printed out. That way I can still edit the printed out manuscripts over the rest of the week. Then I will at last be ready as I can be for the approaching writers workshop on Saturday. I'm working hard so as not to embarrass myself there.

I think the convention is going to be a load of fun, but I'm really beginning to look forward to getting it behind me. I haven't done any real writing lately, mainly due to it. Anyways, I look forward to getting back to writing. I haven't decided over whether it will be to continue working on Argiope, or to write some more short stories.

I considered attempting a short story for LL Dreamspells Romance anthology. You should have heard the laughter coming from my wife when I brought that one up. She is apparently of the opinion that I wouldn't recognize romance if it punched me in the nose. I feel as if a gauntlet has been thrown down, and I'm evaluating the merits of picking it up.

Ah well, I have the luxury of a few more days to ponder that question.

Thankfully, Nonnie and Daddo will come down Friday to watch the kids. This means I can registar for the convention on Friday, catch some of their early panels, and then be back bright and early on Saturday morning for the writers workshop. Excellent.

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