Friday, June 12, 2009


Today I batted .500...

I got word back on two of my short stories I submitted at LL Dreamspell. One got accepted and one got rejected. I am certainly not going to complain if half the stuff I send them gets accepted. The funny thing is that it was my cat story, "Dog Matters" which got accepted, and my horror story, "The Revenant", which got rejected.

If I had of been forced to bet with real money, I would have bet that it would have happened the other way around. Oh well, thats my third shortstory to be accepted...and in a third anthology at that. I'll update my "resume" soon.

Tonight I shall go out and celebrate with Cherri Galbiati at Denny's. I'll have to substitute scrambled eggs for the cheesy fries since I'm now trying to diet.


Thank god for elastic.

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