Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've already fed the kids, dressed the kids, changed a diaper, and got Sheridan off to camp. Now to move on to the rest of todays objectives...

Today I need to accomplish the following things.

1. Get my contracts with LL Dreamspell printed out, signed, and in the mail.

2. Drain the swimming pool in the backyard.

3. Water the lawn.

4. Work on that last critique.

5. Karla cooked yesterday...which means that today the kitchen is unrecognizable. But since I know it's under all that mess somewhere, I'll have to roll up my sleeves and dig down to it.

6. I have to take Rowan to her speech therapist.

7. Get Sheridan some water wings for his pool trip tomorrow.


  1. You turkey! I can only imagine the utter chaos that would have been the case if you had cooked. Entropy loves you.

  2. Sounds sort of like Courtney. You can be sitting in a peaceful, quiet house. She walks in the door and chaos ensues. She then promptly leaves and lets you deal with the entropic aftermath.

  3. We ARE comparing Nate and Courtney, correct? Next time HE can cook!

  4. I have chiseled my way down to the kitchen. Only the critique and Sheridans water wings to go.