Monday, June 8, 2009


I didn't write anything new today, but contented myself with continuing to polish "Jupiter Rising". It's amazing how much you can do to tweak even a micro short story.

The whole family was home today, so my access to the computer was limited. I made the best of it though, and chose to instead polish and defend my title as Worlds Most Awesome Dad. My tactic tonight was to experiment with my new deep fryer and make homemade potato chips.

They were indeed awesome and Sheridan extolled their virtues far and wide. Having reinforced the fact that I rock to the household, I bid them all a good night. The kids now slumber peacefully and the wife is contentedly reading a book in the day room. Alone at last with the computer, I now muse over my prospective courses of action. Having written something for Quick Fiction, perhaps I should now consider attempting something for Bartleby Snopes...a literary magazine that accepts unsolicited short stories. I'm more of a genre writer, but it might be fun to try. Heck, if I can master potato chips...I can do anything. Just ask Sheridan.

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