Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Night of the Living Dad

Stayed up all last night, trying to work on writing and get my nights and days straightened out.

Have managed to get kids to their respective schools and therapists, and back home again.

The world is very far away now. All is background noise, and everything looks comfortable.

The sandman is standing in the corner, smacking a club into his palm.

Just a few more hours to go.


  1. I TOLD you to go to bed last night!!!!

  2. Wow. Your wife can nag you even on your blog. That's impressive. LOL. Love you, Karla. :-)

  3. Why should my blog be different than anywhere else :(

  4. Yeah, you bet I can! I even have to correct his typos, etc. Like pointing out that Rowan is only 3 not 4!

  5. She nags me about my spelling too :(