Monday, June 1, 2009

The Clock Starts Ticking

Now I enter that most dreaded of times. The time where all semblance of objectivity is lost and desperation becomes the filter through which my mind views the world. The time where all confidence in my newfound identity as "writer" is challenged to it's utmost. It's that time where...

...I'm between stories.

I don't know what I'm going to write next, so I'm casting desperately around for ideas. A few brief ideas have flickered, just random images really, but nothing with a story attached to it has leaped out and stuck. I like to have a rough idea what my story is about and where it's going before putting pen to paper...or fingers to keyboard in my case.

On to other news...

I took Sheridan to see his first movie in a theatre on Monday. We went and saw Pixar's "Up". It was a very good movie, although some issues were definitely above a six year olds head. I highly recommend it. Sheridan enjoyed it, but I had a full time job trying to keep him seated and his questions to a dull roar. Overall, he did as well as could be expected...although he saw an old Star Trek poster they had on the wall going in and wanted to go see the space movie next. At the end of the movie, I discovered my wallet had worked it's way out of my pocket while watching the show. Me and a few helpful movie goers clambered around, looking under the seats, while Sheridan continued to lobby to see the space movie next...totally oblivious to the drama around him. Fortunately the wallet was found and I successfully resisted the urge to trade the boy in for an order of nachos. Alls well that ends well.

Apollocon has got in touch with me to let me know that my story is one of nine that will be critiqued at their writers workshop. They will be sending my some shortstories from the other authors to make a written critique of before the convention. I intend to give each my best effort, and look forward to meeting the authors in person at the con.

Oh yes, and "Picking Dewberries" has now been submitted to LL Dreamspell for their Nightmares anthology. Another bouncing baby short story sent out into the world.

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