Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taking The Day Off

No writing today.

Today I will focus around the house. Maybe find my kitchen. Play with the daughter. Do a little shopping. Etc. Now that I'm one last sentence away from sending off "Jupiter Rising", I can ponder my next project.

I just about have a fix for Argiope in mind. It will require the introduction of a couple of new charactors, and a little research, but it should work. So thats one possibility. Another possibility is a short story idea that I had come up the other evening. A lot of my short stories are ghost stories, but this one at least has different elements so it's okay. I guess the fact that I actually have a couple of ideas is the whole reason I'm sanguine about being between projects.

Another idea I had for down the road is a non fiction book involving Galveston. I would need to do some serious research for that one though, first of all to see if the focus on my idea has already been done. I know that a long time ago, Galveston had boardwalks with amusement parks, rollercoasters, and giant bathhouses. I was curious about researching that era. I hope to get a chance to look at a couple of museums next time I'm down there.

Now to resist the urge to run out to Walmart and buy lots of solar powered LED lights and stick them up all around the house.

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