Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Tis that day of the year where rosy cheeked urchins are supposed to fetch Dad's slippers and pipe, while Mom prepares his favorite meal.

Yeah, that's gonna happen...

Oh well, I'm on a diet anyways...and I quit smoking a long time ago...and slippers would look pretty stupid on my braces when you think about it...


At least Karla is letting me sleep in.

Oh, and LL Dreamspell just mailed me my contract for "Between Friends". That will be the first of my four accepted short stories to come out in an anthology. It's my mystery short story. I'll sign it and mail that back to them on Monday.

And come to think of it, my kids are happy and healthy and Karla is doing alright herself. So is good.


  1. At least you didn't have to spend Father's Day trying to replace the downstairs toilet, like Baby Brother. He and Kyle were busy doing the male bonding thing while visiting their favorite toy store - Home Depot. The upstairs toilet is next.

    Having the downstairs toilet out of commissions has also moved the mama cat and kittens out into the living room, so now I am scampering fur balls infesting my living room worse than normal and trying to see what new adventures they can work up on, say, the shelves of my bookcase...

  2. He actually got pretty lucky. I was supposed to sleep in on Mothers Day, but the kids woke me up. When Nate took over with the kids, I went back to bed. However, work called me in and I didn't get back home until 1pm. Murphy always gets his two cents in.