Monday, March 21, 2011

Writer's Night Out, Impending Decisions

So I enjoyed another Writer's Night Out with Cherri Galbiati and we discussed current releases, current projects, and future projects. Her current release is Tracking Perception, which is the author approved version of her previously released Scent of Money. It is now available at for an introductory price of only .99 cents. Here is the cover...

We also discussed my struggles with my current project, Argiope. I wasted an entire day today writing, deleting, then rewriting, then deleting, then rewriting the same two paragraphs over and over again. Since the final action in that cycle turned out to be a deletion, I ended up not accomplishing a damn thing. This book just fights me that way. As I was venting frustration about that to Cherri, she suggested it might be time to shelve it again for a while and turn to other projects.

She might be right.

I am getting to the point where I don't even like my main character, which is a sure sign of serious frustration. It might be good thing to try another Shades story or two...or even see if I can come up with another Tales of Nur since I have had requests for those. There is utility in both ideas, as another Shades tale will get me one story closer to having enough to make my own collection/anthology...while the Tale of Nur tend to sell better as individual short stories. Or maybe I'll toy around with that vampire/zombie/werewolf genre and see if I can come up with anything in that direction.

I feel kind of odd shelving a story when I'm right at about 80,000 words but there are actually good reasons to do so. This story is going to finally weigh in at over or around 120,000 words so it's not like nearly done. Even after I put "The End" on that rough draft, I will have a tremendous amount of work to do on it as both my style and the direction I intended to go with the story changed in the time I shelved it last time. And I really am spinning my wheels on it.

But I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel yet.

So I will spend the rest of this week trying to get a flow going on Argiope again. If I can do so, then i will continue to work on it. If it turns out I'm still spinning my wheels, then I'll shelve it for a while and turn to another project. It's all about being productive, and if I can't be productive on this project then I need to let it rest for a time while I'm working on another one that I can be productive on.

So thats what's going on this week for me. Also, don't forget that I'm now on a three day a week schedule on this for the near future I will only be updating on Monday, Weds, and Fridays. This means you, Mother. When I don't post on Tuesday, it doesn't mean I'm dead in a ditch somewhere :P

So have a happy Monday folks!

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  1. Thanks Nate, for the shout-out! I appreciate it greatly.:-)