Friday, March 4, 2011

Medical Friday Funday

Good Morning!

I just finished putting Rowan's breakfast together and bellowing at the boy to finish getting dressed, (it seems that since becoming a father, I bellow a lot) so now I'm squeezing in a little blogging before heading off with Karla to go get Rowan fixed....her arm that is. Today they will be putting a new splint or a cast on her arm. Once they see what's left of the old splint, I'm betting they put her in a cast. She has pretty much destroyed the splint they put on her in the emergency room.

So that will be Karla and I's morning. Sitting in doctor's offices.

Hooray =/

Then we have to get back and start preparing for the cub scout campout this weekend. I'm really not looking forward to this, but it's good for the boy so off I go to wobble on uneven ground on my blistered feet in new braces. Sigh. I know Karla is going to need help on this excursion or I would be desperately inventing excuses to find a way out of it. I used to camp out as a Boy Scout leader in New Mexico back in 1980's, but those days and that spritely young chap are long gone. Now I'm a fat old Dad who'll be floundering around in the dripping Texas humidity like a dinosaur hunting a tarpit.

Yeah. I'm just aquiver with anticipation.

So that's my day. I hope all of the rest of you are looking forward to your weekends with brighter hopes, and may your Friday's go happily as well.

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  1. A major paper, math homework and two exams?? Checking...nope, my weekend won't be all that thrilling either :-)