Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yeah, That Went Well :P

So the Cowboys got massacred...23-7

In my previous post I wondered what food would be good for watching the football game. After watching the Cowboys humiliate themselves, I've come to realize I need food specifically designed for throwing at the television set. Something not harmful to the screen itself, but will supply me with some measure of comfort when I hurl it at the offending player or referee that has drawn my righteous ire.

 Twinkies, perhaps?

Anyways, my parents visited today and my father cut down all the limbs that hung out over the street from my badly ungroomed trees. It's a big improvement, but now reveals more of the house and yard so I will probably need to trim some bushes and such...just so the neighbors will feel like I tried,

On another front, progress with "A Memory of Me" moves forward. I'm debating trying to round up a few new proofreaders for this one, since I need people who can look at it with fresh eyes and not in contrast to what it was before. I'll give it some thought. I also need to check and see if my normal circle of proofreaders has anybody who didn't read "The Tragedy, Man." It's doubtful since back then I tended to run around waving my new manuscripts in the face of anybody unfortunate enough not to see me coming

We'll see. I'll get it proofread, one way or another.

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