Friday, August 20, 2010

Writers Night Out

I got the kids and wife fed and put to bed, then went out to Denny's with Cherri Galbiati for our weekly writer's night out.  Since I already had dinner, I settled for stuffing myself full of sugar in the forms of soft drinks and hot fudge sundaes. A guy has to have a little dessert now and then.

Anyways, we discussed the writing industry and the new ebook market for writers. The things a writer needs to succeed in this brave new world, and the likely demise of large bookstores in that same market. With New York cutting authors and titles, and more ebooks being sold, it's going to be harder and harder to justify those cavernous retail spaces full of dead trees. It's a business model that doesn't have a whole lot of future.

Anyways, I think it behooves me to develop the skills to be ready to operate in whichever market prevails. I started developing those skills with my first self published title, The Barrow Wolf. It went a little rocky, but I ironed the rough spots out. My second title, Death and White Satin went much better. My upcoming title, The Passage of the Coral Horn (that should be the final name for the story) will be my third venture into self publishing. Hopefully it will be my smoothest operation yet. Then with any luck, my last title that I've been developing this summer for self publishing, A Memory of Me, will go off without a hitch. Preparing these four novelettes were my boot camp to being an indie author, if that is the course I choose.

And the future is bright...for those who have skills, have options.

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