Thursday, August 12, 2010


In the next day or two I hope to upload the first story of the Shades series, Death and White Satin. The final cover is finished and ready to go, and I've started the process of converting the story to html and looking over it. I've just got to decide whether I want to upload it on a Friday or Monday.

The house is currently clean, which is really nice. Karla was home today, and the lady who cleans our house showed up as well. I had my usual, and quite natural, response to all that housework going on by falling asleep on the day bed. It's a guy thing. We can't help it.

Anyways, now it's late and I'm wide awake. So I'm going over options and getting my latest story ready for the kindle. With a little luck, I'll have five titles under my name on the kindle store by mid September. Then it's time to write the next novel.

BTW...The Barrow Wolf  and Death and White Satin are both novelettes. That's a story that weighs in between 7,500 words and 17,500 words. That seems to be the range I write comfortably in as my next two stories also fall between 6,500 and 8,000 words. It was always an effort for me to keep them shorter than that, but that's what many anthologies wanted. So I usually set five thousand words as my target. I will still do so from time to time, because I think that's good practice to stay in.

Meanwhile, my cat is crying around the house. Caraboo (the aforementioned cat) has been very insecure since being left at the vets over the course of our vacation. She spends the entire night in bed with me, and gets to yelling if she discovers herself alone in a room. I guess she'll settle down soon. She sure has been affectionate though. It's kind of nice.

UPDATE: The publish button has been pressed. Hopefully Death and White Satin will be available sometime Friday or Saturday. I'll be sure to announce it once it goes live and I make sure it looks right.


  1. Congratulations!!!! You watched me get it on my Kindle--so you KNOW I did the deed! I love this story!

  2. Yep. I'll announce it's availability around noon tomorrow. That way I don't have two posts with the same graphic next to each other.