Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whoah! It's Wednesday Again!

Yeah, like it's been Wednesday for two days in a row!

I think it's time I come back from my vacation and join the rest of the world. Being gone seriously messed up my internal calender. But my computer assures me it's really Wednesday today, so I'll take it's word for it.

Anyways, today I will be taking Rowan to her morning therapy (like I do every Wednesday...duh!) and wait for her at the nearby Starbucks that has internet access. I will probably (hopefully) use the time to continue editing my next story, Death and White Satin, that I intend to publish in a week or so. I've already gone through it, weeding out tons of "was's," "thats," and "hads." It's shaping up well though, and I've actually made a few sentences better. It might very well be the scariest story I've written.

Anyways, then I've got to look into a couple of other things. EPIC is holding it's annual eBooks award, and I need to get The Ways of Khrem entered into that...if I can figure out how. And the deadline is the fifteenth, which doesn't leave a whole lot of Wednesdays to get it done. (yeah, I've pretty much run that joke into the ground.)

I've also got to finish getting the kids registered for school. If I don't the poor little buggers won't get educated. Even worse, they'll be home with me all day. Augh!

Oh well, that's it for now. Have a nice Wednesday! (again)


  1. Being home with you all day is probably an "augh!" from their point of view, too!!! LOL

  2. I didn't notice Tuesday's "Wednesday" headline until you mentioned it. I have trouble with day names. My computer only gives me the time of day, not the day of day.