Friday, August 27, 2010

Waking Up on Friday

It's another glorious Friday morning, the last day of the week. I'm sure lots of happy, shiny people across this great state are heading to work with brilliant smiles plastered across their faces. I know I would be if I had to actually get up and go to a job. Friday's are just wonderful like that.

Today, I'll start working on A Memory of Me. Now that I have the cover finished, I need to give it another good editing. I'm still not entirely happy with the climactic scene, and I think it could be done a little bigger and a little more scarily. So I guess I'm not going to be editing so much, as reading with an eye towards revision. Anyways, it needs to be done so I can get this story published in a week or two and turn my thoughts back to Khrem.

And that's just it. I have been thinking about the world of Khrem again. After I'm done with my current story, I'm going to have to pick that novel up and read it through. Yeah, I know I wrote it in the first place...but I still need to make sure my memories of it are sharp and accurate as I start plotting the sequel. And it will help me crawl back into the FEEL of that novel, so that the next one has the same ambiance and flavor. I have several ideas for the  novel...more than I can actually put in the novel itself, so one or two might actually work for the Tales of Nur series. That would be a bonus.

Ah well, here is a shout out to all you smiling people sitting down at your desks this glorious Friday, already dreaming of the weekend. It's only a few short hours away! Enjoy!

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