Monday, August 23, 2010

And So It Begins...

At six thirty, Karla and I will get up and start getting the kids ready for their first day of school. Naturally, being the worst parents on the planet, we just discovered that Sheridan didn't have any clean clothes and so we're now running him a midnight load of laundry. This would be sort of funny if we weren't running around town earlier tonight trying to find him all the school supplies on his list. This is the poor boys first day of public school, and he has enough worries without parents goofing things up for him and making things worse.

I hope his teacher is real understanding...and I mean REAL understanding...because between putting up with Sheridan and his airheaded parents, she is going to earn a halo before the school year is over. At least Rowan has the same teacher again as last year, and she already knows what she is in for. Miss Toni should get an honorary sainthood just for putting up with us last year, and here she is doing it again.

Hopefully we will get our act together fast.

On another note, I hit the publish button on my third independent novelette today. The Passage of the Coral Horn will soon be up at as the second story in the Tales of Nur series. I really worked hard to see to it that it lives up to the quality of the first one...The Barrow Wolf. It has a bit bleaker ending, but I'm crossing my fingers (actually the CMT won't let me do that anymore, so I'm doing it mentally) and hoping for the best.

That will leave me with just one of my summer novelettes left to publish. It's called A Memory of Me, and it still needs polishing, editing, and some cover work done. But all that's for another day.

For now, I wish the kids a great first day of school.


  1. Now don't be misleading! I asked you to get started on that about 9 hours earlier when I went shopping. You just put it off until it had to be done. The power of procrastination...

  2. So where's our update? How was Sheridan's first day of public school?