Thursday, August 5, 2010

Staying In

We aren't going anywhere this last day of the vacation. I'm just not up to it. So I've settled for bringing Sheridan down to the little lunchroom and gameroom here at the resort, while Karla takes Rowan out to do a little shopping. That way the kiddo's don't feel cheated but I'm not run entirely into the ground.

It's a compromise, but the kiddo's were too sunburned to go back to the water park anyways.

Tonight, Karla will take Sheridan out to play a little miniature golf because he's been asking for that all week. Then we will be leaving for home first thing in the morning.

Ah, home.

It has a certain musical quality, doesn't it. A sweet, welcoming destination that calls me with a melodius voice. I'm ready to crawl into my own bed.


  1. Have you ever noticed how we need a vacation to recuperate from our vacations?

  2. I've noticed that seems to be due to kids. I used to find vacations invigorating...before they involved keeping track of two howler monkeys.