Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back To It.

So I'm home.

Almost dead from...err...reinvigorated from my vacation, I wasted little time in getting back to work on writing. I reworked the html on The Barrow Wolf and re-uploaded it and a new cover to Amazon DTP. The results should show up in about 48 hours. I'm learning this stuff slowly.

Of course, these days I learn everything slowly.

If this works right, then I will start to work on the next kindle project...Shades: Death and White Satin. I could have that up in two weeks and move straight on to the next Tales of Nur story, the one about the Coral Horn (I'm still not happy with it's current name). Then I could work on the cover art for the other Shades story and maybe have it out before the end of Sept. Finally I could turn my full attention to the next Ways of Khrem. My goal is to have a semi polished first draft of that by New Years.

That will give me a grand total of one novel and six short stories/novelettes on the year. I've done better, but you never know...I might squeeze out another story or two on the side yet. The main thing is to keep the quality up.

Oh well, back to the grind :)

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