Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Passage of the Coral Horn

The second of my Tales of Nur series...The Passage of the Coral Horn...is now available for the Kindle, or free downloadable kindle reader for PC. It is 10,000 words long and costs .99 cents.

Like all stories in the Tales of Nur series, it will feature places or creatures from the same world as The Ways of Khrem. In this story, a young crewman name Ros embarks on his first voyage aboard the light freighter, "Coral Horn." He is already tense, as they are being shadowed by the ruthless Tagarr, only to discover there are worse terrors out on the Cambriatic Sea.

This is the third of four projects I was working on this summer. Only one more, the second in the "Shades" series, and then I can turn my attention back to novel writing.

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