Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to the Schedule

This is the project I will be focusing on for the next week or two. My goal is to have The Plight of the Coral Horn ready to upload by Friday, Aug 21st. I could probably have it out before then, but I don't want to publish it too close to my last release. I might even hold it for a little while.longer. I still have edits and comments from several proofreaders that I will need to incorporate, and a few revisions and edits of my own. The story has shaped up well though, and I foresee no major changes in it.

I'm also pleased with the new title and cover.

In other news, this is the last week of summer. One more week and the kids will be returning to school. This will mean five glorious mornings a week, that I will have to myself. And Monday and Fridays will be all mine till three o'clock! I'm definitely foreseeing an increase in my production. Who knows, I might even get a little housework done...although I'm not sure if Karla could take the shock. I better take it easy at first.

At least we managed to fix Karla's computer today. The kids and I thank my brother Randy for those repairs, as now we don't have to compete for our own machines. Unfortunately for the kids, Karla is bigger than them and they got a lesson in pecking orders and hierarchies this week...when Mommy's computer is busted, all the other computers can become Mommy's computer without warning. Especially if you wander away from it.
Anyways, I have my project for this week. Time to get to producing!

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