Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Ideas

So, I was talking to people on the kindle boards, other authors mostly, and discussing ways to get people to know about our books. A couple of them piped up and said they had had good luck with getting reviews on book blogs. Whoah! Blogs that review books! What a concept! So I broke out my handy dandy Google machine and went in search. And they're real!

So now what?

So now I girded my loins, put on my best e-sundaysuit, and sent a few polite query letters. Believe me, it wasn't easy. The idea of sending my novel to be reviewed is scary as hell. What if they hate it? What if they give it half a star, six thumbs down, and declare it the best over the counter sleeping aid since Nyquil? And of course those reviews will stand for the rest of eternity, or the death of the internet...whichever comes first. This is scary stuff for a writer, folks.

On another front, I also got a brilliant idea while watching my kids buses smash through the low limbs that hang over the street from my front yard. I thought, "Hey, I bet I ought to cut those limbs!" So my father shall be arriving Saturday morning with his trusty limbsaw, and the buses will not need to hire a native guide with a machete to get down my street in the near future. That's two ideas on one day. Pretty good for me :)

On another front, work proceeds on "A Memory of Me." It will be ready for proofreading soon. The only problem was that it started out as a story called "The Tragedy, Man," that many of my proofreaders have already seen. It has an inserted scene, and a diffferent ending now, but will the fact that they have seen it before throw them off? I don't know. I'll have to ask them.

On yet another front, both of the kids have gotten through their first week of school and neither of their teachers have sent me emails threatening revenge. I guess they're being pretty good so far. Sheridan is actually happy and excited about his new school, and Rowan has matter of factly returned to her routines as if there never was a summer.

Last, but not least, the Dallas Cowboys play Houston tonight. There will be major awesomness at my house as I try to figure out the perfect food combination for watching it on my TV. Maybe something grilled :)


  1. Football: Finger food is the way to go. Then if you flail your arms because of some great (or horrid) play, you won't cause stains on the furniture. :-)

    Yep, reviews are scary, and like you said, when they're online, they'll be there forever! But have faith in your work. You'll have GOOD reviews online forever!

  2. I'm going to hope for the best...and like you said, try and have faith in my work. Queries have been sent. Thanks :)