Saturday, July 18, 2009

Musings on Final Twist Project

In regards to finding a Texas landmark, I wonder if the Brazos River would count. Or what about Port Sullivan? I think I know how to find it now. It might be worth making a visit.

I've already decided, now that the Baker Hotel is no longer in consideration, that whatever landmark I choose will have to be close enough for me to visit and look over without undue strain on time or resources. The only complication is that places in Houston and Galveston have been taken by four authors each, which means no new stories can be situated there.

I'll start using Google maps to see if anything interesting comes up within driving distance. Maybe Washington on the Brazos? I've never been there.


Interesting. I just learned of a place called Fort Parker. Definately a historic landmark, although it's up near Groesbeck. An interesting piece of Texas history happened there. Apparently it was overrun by Indians. Now they have rebuilt the fort to show what it looked like back then. Very interesting.

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