Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Good NIghts Work

Went to Denny's with Cherri Galbiati last night for our weekly writer's get together.

She gave "Closing Time" a read through, and except for a couple of small errors she underlined, pronounced it ready for submission. Good deal, I'll try and fix those before heading out of town this weekend, and then I can put the story away until I find somewhere to submit it.

This weekend I'll be visiting the site of Port Sullivan, along the Brazos River. According to what I've read, what once used to be a thriving town of over 1,500 people is now just a graveyard overgrown with brush. I might make a good setting for a story though, and it's within driving distance of my parents house, so it's worth checking out. I intend to dabble in historical fiction one day, and my first inclination is to set that future story on a Brazos River steamboat.

Ah well, that story is far down the production line. My next project will likely be a sci-fi, involving zombies in space. I've got an idea for that, and maybe I'll have time to work on it a little next week before vacation. Now I have a lot of housework to do so I can get the boy out the door to spend the weekend at his cousins' house, while I spend the weekend at my parents.

Poor Karla has to work and will be forced to lay around the house all alone this weekend.

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