Monday, July 20, 2009

Editing Week

Okay, I've made a decision.

I'll commit the rest of the week to editing the stories I already have written. That's just part of the writing process, and I have a book that claims it can be fun. Whoopie!

Seriously though, it's probably the best use of my time since I'll be heading out of town on Friday. That doesn't give me enough time to write any stories, so it's either research or edit. Since I'll be visiting the Port Sullivan site for research this weekend, I might as well get some editing done.

Let the fun begin!


Stayed out till one o'clock at Denny's, editing "Closing Time". I have to admit, I think it really benefitted from it. It still needs to be gone over, sentence by sentence. But it is now officially a strong second draft. On the negative side, I slipped and ate a bunch of potato chips while incorporating the revisions at home on my computer. Sigh. It's always something.

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