Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer is Here

So, the kids got to enjoy the first weekend of summer.

They started by getting up at the ridiculous time of seven in the morning and wanting to be fed. It doesn't matter that they have to be drug unconscious from their beds at this time on a school day. Nosiree! Now it's summer and they can get up any old time they want to...and they want to get up at the crack of dawn! What do you want to be bet this phenomenon lasts right up until the last of August before it comes to a screeching halt.

Then they spent a rousing day in front of the computers, the TV, and then playing the Wii on the TV. Somehow I remember the summer days of my youth being a little different.

Oh well, on another front, my yard got watered.

Yep, that is authentic H2O falling from the sky...something we haven't seen around these parts in several months. We have been fighting just to keep whats left of the grass in our front yard alive, and our back yard is now pretty much bare dirt. So this is something of a blessing. I'm hoping to see a lot more of it (without a hurricane attached if possible, please).

Surprisingly enough, both kids are sleeping right through it. I went and checked my bedroom, expecting to find to little forms huddled under the blanket in our bed, but they stayed put in their own rooms. I guess it comes from getting up so early.

So the first weekend is over, and I'm not sure how I'm going to differentiate it between the rest of the week since nothing much changes. I'll still have the kids, and the housework to do. I wonder how I'll keep track of the days, now that I don't have the school bus dropping by to let me know it's a weekday? Pretty soon they are all going to be the same.

Oh boy... I guess everything IS zen.


  1. Nate, great post! Loved the vid of the rain (ah, blessed rain!!!!). Rowan looks adorable in your hat. lol!

  2. Yeah, I think she looks as good in that hat as I do...when she's not standing with both feet in it.
    And the rain was great. We've been needing that. Lets hope for more.