Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Day in June

The sun scorched playground
Today only happens once
Where is everybody?

No peers to be found
He stalks the Ducks of Summer
Alas, no French fries

Dad makes some chili,
the balm for summer blahs
Extra cheese helps too

Suburban moonrise
Nightbirds duel against frog song
A distant horn sounds

Every day of summer is a snapshot of young eternity. We carry them with us into adulthood and occasionally unfold them in quiet moments. We thought they would never end, and now they are so far gone it almost hurts to recall them. And this summer when I watch my kids journey through their own youthful eternities, I just want to bottle it for them and put it away on a shelf so it will be there for them when they are old.

Sometimes I wish the world was big again.


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