Sunday, June 26, 2011


I have a headache, and my children are loud.

That pretty much sums up my existence. The children have been sent to bed, but the echoes of their screaming rampages...err, I mean playing...still echo throughout my skull. Phineas Gage's spike has nothing on mine at the moment. So I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

The family is doing fine (other than me and my enormous Head of Doom) and we look forward to getting through the last week of June. Amazingly, one third of the summer has already pretty much slipped by and I have not carried out a single one of the bloodcurdling threats I have issued in the direction of the children when they get obnoxious. I think they are more clever than I give them credit for.

I think they have figured out an invisible line called Daddy's Threshold, and they intuitively know to stay just under it. That way they get the satisfaction of keeping Daddy's blood pressure at a high pitch, but keep the risk of dire consequences to themselves at a reasonable level. Their plan must be to incapacitate me slowly, so that I'm still around to loan them car keys when I'm older, but too weak to resist.

Oh well, that's my life for now. Happy Monday!

(Ow...even exclamation points hurt)


  1. Hmmm....interesting that you placed the picture of the cat on here along with your ((rant)) blog...just where, might I ask, do you think the little ones get it from? Hmmm? I am firmly convinced, Sir, that the cat (in my case, plural), sneaks into bedrooms of the little, teachable ones and whispers how to do what they do so well. Of course, you know that's my honest opinion, but I swear that its a known fact in my household with my cats being the subliminal speakers, and Andrea being the subliminal speakee....just saying....

  2. I wouldn't put it past Nabiki. She is my son's cat.

  3. 'Tis the way of the cat, I'm convinced!

  4. I would put nothing past a cat. Plural and en masse in my case. I concur.