Thursday, May 28, 2009

Real Life Steps In.

Well, I have finished "Picking Dewberries," the conversion of Argiope's prologue into short story. Now I just need to wait until Cherri gets back to proof read it. I have learned...never, ever, ever submit something that you have only proofread yourself.


Until then, I now have some non writing things to attend to for the next couple of days. Rowans ARD meeting is today. We meet with her teachers and therapists at the public school to discuss her upcoming school year. She has sure come a long way since last fall. I just hope she doesn't backslide over the summer.

Then Sheridan's graduation is on Friday, followed by his dance recital on Saturday, followed by Courtneys graduation party on Saturday. Lots of family goodness going on there. I guess I'll have to take a bath.

I will submit "Picking Dewberries" to LL Dreamspell"s "Nightmare" anthology. I know they are planning another ghost story anthology soon so I'll start plotting along those lines. I already have "Rite of Passage" held in reserve for that one. I just need to come up with one or two more. I sent "The Revenant" in for their "Nightmare" anthology because even though it is a different story than "Rite of Passage," it shares some elements that would really glare out if they shared the same anthology. Of course, the conceit on my part is the concern that they would both be accepted. But I shall have to watch for elements in the new stories to make sure they are "more different".

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