Thursday, May 21, 2009


"Argiope" is officially shelved.

Even my wife is now advising I step back from it for a while.

I will take a day or two away from writing, and then move on to my next project. That will be formatting another short story of mine, "Rite of Passage", for entrance into Apollocon's writer's critique workshop. Time is running out on that.

After that, I shall see if inspiration strikes. If so, I will follow that...if not, I will review my shelved projects to see what I can revise, continue, etc.

On another note, I have agreed with the wife to wait until Windows 7 comes out before shopping for my first laptop computer. My mind tells me this is the common sense thing to do, but my male psyche is suffering terribly about having to wait for a new toy....err tool. Sigh, perhaps getting a real TV before football season starts would ease my life of pain.

Ah well, now to kick back and let the little grey cells relax.

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