Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dad! Look! Look, Dad! Look!

One way to hone your concentration skills till they are those of a true master...

Try carefully crafting a short story by strategically creating and inserting well written lines, while your six year old plays World of Goo on his computer beside you and demands that you watch every feat of gooey accomplishment.

Okay, I admit that really doesn't hone your skills of concentration at all...it just makes you grit your teeth a lot.

But I only have fifteen words to go, before reaching that magic 3000 word minimum. Then I'll review it after a good nights sleep to see how bad I actually screwed things up.

In other news...

My Ray Bradbury books came in. Yay me!


  1. The worst part is - it doesn't necessarily get better when they hit the magic age of 18! They're still going "Look, Mom, look" it is just about something other than World of Goo. Or it is a grownup version of World of Goo. Either way, forget concentration! LOL

  2. I plan is to be too senile to even understand what Sheridan is talking about by that time. That way I can just drool and ignore him, and nobody gets their feelings hurt.