Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gearing Up

Ah well, the weekend ends and it will soon be time to be productive again. I took a little break away from writing, but now I need to get back in the saddle before I get too comfortable off of it.

Tomorrow I will download the format for Apollocon submissions and get "Rite of Passage" converted over to that.

After that, I will look at the prologue of "Argiope" with an eye towards fleshing it out into a short story of it's own. If that is possible, and I think it is, then I will do so.

After that, it will be time to examine the latest mental images and see what I can turn into a short story. So far it is May, and I have written five short stories...four of which have been submitted for publication, and one awaiting the appropriate anthology. That is translating into one short story a month. I'm told that is actually very good. We shall see. I originally had intended to try and author and submit fifteen short stories in 2009. I gave up on that when I started "Argiope", but now that project is shelved so I'm debating returning to my original goal.

Ah well, time to gird the loins of my mind...which is something like the windmills of my mind, only without the round whirly things...and get to work.

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