Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Humming along.

I have been working on the prologue to Argiope, trying to convert it into a short story that meets the guidelines of LL Dreamspell. I believe I shall name it "Picking Dewberries." I need to insert about 150 more words to get it up to the 3000 word minimum, so I'm almost there.

Maybe a little more descriptive prose for setting.

The trick is not to mess up the pacing.

Hopefully, I shall have it wrapped up either today or tomorrow. And then I can start developing new projects. Of course this is a busy week, what with Sheridan's and Courtney's graduations...and Sheridans recital too...so I'll wrapping up that story may have to count as my accomplishment for the week.

What I'll probably do is just settle for conjuring images during my free time, record them, and sift through them later to see if any have a story starting to form around them.

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