Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So, I'm now at roughly twenty eight thousand words into my zombie story. That's a pretty good pace for me, since I've only been at this for two weeks. The trick is to keep going.

And that requires motivation, direction, time, story, and opportunity.

Lately motivation has been figuring large.

I have been dealing with an array of motivations to get this story written, completed, and out the door. First of all, I wanted to try my hand at writing within a specific this case, zombies...and compare the sales results with those of my other stories. So there is the business angle for motivation.

Then there is the problem of my CMT spreading into my hands. My fingers have all lost a lot of strength, and now the outside two fingers on each hand are losing sensation. I have no idea how far that may go, or how long it might take, but I do have the reality of my hands having an expiration date as another reason to push onwards and start trying to up production.

Then there is the approaching summer and the reality of having the children home all day, which means a drastic reduction in writing time. I really need to get what I can done now.

So I'm pushing it. I'm writing, plotting, outlining, and trying to get this done as professionally and competently as I can. I'm following blogs and reading books that I find motivational. The effect is that I currently seem to be riding a wave of productivity. Here's hoping it continues...because it doesn't really count till a product ships.

So it's time to push onwards. Wagons Ho!

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