Monday, April 11, 2011

Blogging From Denny's

I've been sitting at Denny's, working on my story, and thought I better switch over to blogging while I still had battery power left. So I'm typing fast and at 39 percent battery power.

Work is proceeding pretty good on the zombie story. It's still titled "Dead Stop," and I might actually stick with that. After all, it's a pretty appropriate name for a night time zombie attack on an isolated truck stop. I've now bumped off two characters, and the second one was pretty graphic. I understand that that is sort of expected in this genre, so I'm trying to live up to that.

I have high hopes for this story getting done though. It has a couple of things going for it, that also were working for The Ways of Khrem. First of all, I'm "seeing" it. I'm visualizing scenes and the imagery is coming rather easily. Second of all, I have a rough draft of the story and how it ends in my head already. It's an ending that makes sense so there is no reason to give up on it like the ending I had in mind for Argiope. Third, it has a "song." When I was writing The Ways of Khrem, I had this song I would listen to from time to time to get into the mood of that story, and it would help me visualize and write it. That song was "The Mass" by Era. Well, Dead Stop has a song too. Oddly enough, it's Ghost Riders in the Sky. Maybe because two of the main characters are redneck slackers.

Hey, whatever works. Right?

As can be read in the snippet, the story also has a couple of waitresses as supporting characters. Since I come to Denny's from time to time, and I'm acquainted with some of the waitresses here, let's just say there was some curiosity exhibited on the fate of the waitresses in my story. I was greeted with "So, now you're bumping off waitresses, huh." as I sat down. I assured them that great care had been taken to make sure these waitresses had nothing in common with them...and I think they were somewhat disappointed by that. One even said she had looked forward to showing her friends the book and bragging about being the fourth victim eaten by zombies.

LOL!. I can't win.

Oh well, the words are flowing and that's what matters. Go me!

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