Friday, October 22, 2010

Toiling For Great Justice

It's Friday...glorious Friday!

After three wearisome days of sipping mocha's at Starbucks while waiting for Rowan's therapy to let out, I finally get my one day of the week where the both the kids stay in school all day, and there are no Cub Scout meetings to prepare for in the evening. It's almost like a day off :)

I'll probably use it to write and do some laundry. I still have a cough, and the lingering effects of that cold kind of dragging at me, but the mountains of laundry that have accumulated during my illness are not impressed with my feelings on the unfairness of it all...and refuse to disappear of their own accord. Sigh. I'm sure this is bad for my sensitive artistic nature, or something like that.

Anyways, I'm at sixty two thousand words on Argiope so progress is slow but steady on that front. I can already tell this novel is going to be a mess when the first draft is finally finished, and is going to need heavy revision to correct for things like changes in writing style since I first started this book and shelved it last year, balancing of characters, character tweaks to the main character, and a complete rewrite of the prologue...but the main thing now is get the story done and all the rest is gravy.

As somebody once said (and I paraphrase)..."Nobody writes a good book, but some people rewrite great ones." I have learned that to be true, and one of the great unspoken truths of writing. That first draft must contain a good story, but it's going to take several more drafts to turn it into a good book.

Ah well, onwards and upwards!

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