Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Morning, October

It's Monday morning, and October is in the air. In the picture above, the kiddos examine our neighbors Halloween decorations as they wait for the bus to come pick them up for school. Halloween is still almost a month away, but with the cool air this morning you could almost feel the first tingle of it around you.

Gotta go mail off another book today. This is my latest venture in trying to get noticed in the writing world. I'm submitting my book to any review bloggers who will agree to view it. It's actually a bit of work, because you have to find the blogger, query the blogger, then hope you don't get rejected...I've gotten rejected several times because apparently these folks are busy...and then if they do agree to read your book you have to get it to them in their preferred format. Finally, you get to cross you fingers and hope that whenever they get to yours in their long list of reading material, that they are in a good mood when they read it.

Blech! This  plan still doesn't have the same panache has Harper Collins sending supermodels to my doorway with bucketfuls of money.Why couldn't they have just cooperated?

Oh, well. It's cub scouts Sheridan will be thrilled. That means I have to get done whatever I intend to get done by the time the kids get home. That's usually the case though, anyways.

Now I've just got to get back to writing. My current status is...

55,000 words into Argiope
5,000 words into The Lords of Khrem
Pulled up one Christmas story called The Ornament for revision.
Considering publishing another old story, The World in Strips, as a Shades story on the kindle. Must make a cover for it first.

Oh well, thats enough for now. Have a good Monday, folks.


  1. Phew, you're busy! I hope one of the bloggers shines the spotlight your way, you deserve it!
    I'm still holding onto a manuscript not sure what to do with it- keep pitching or go to Kindle. Just have to take one decision at a time :)

  2. I keep getting told that, but I always feel guilty like I should be getting more done. I guess it's just that I haven't been terribly productive on the writing part lately, due to all the other stuff.

  3. I do the same thing! Especially when it comes to writing.
    Oh, I had an idea. I was given carpel-tunnel support braces at one point. They really help stabilize the wrists for typing. Less to try and control :)