Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Footballl and Stuff

Okay, lets face it. The Dallas Cowboys just aren't a very good football team this year. Romo has been making his offensive line look better than it is for too long now. Now that he's out for a big part of they year, I hope they don't use that as an excuse not to back up and critically examine the shortcomings of this team in certain areas. Pass protection, run blocking, and tackling being primary problems. They need to stop trying to bump runners down and learn to wrap up and tackle, just like football  players are taught in high school.

Oh well, at 1-5 their season is pretty much over and the only role they have left now is as spoilers. I wonder how high of a draft pick we will get next year.

On the writing front, I'm at 66,000 words on Argiope so progress plods along. I'm kind of forcing my way through a scene at the moment, just to get it written. I think it could be done much better but I've decided that my goal is to get that first draft done and worry about fixing things later.

Now begins my three grueling days of sitting at Starbucks every afternoon. Work, work, work.

Oh well, I'm still depressed over the Cowboys so I'm going to bed.

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