Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Currently in the Works

The next addition to the Shades series, it will include the short stories "Storm Chase" and "The World in Strips."

There are different versions of the above cover in existence, and a couple of others being developed. I just thought I would show what I'm currently working on. The main things that I'm going to work on are the title and the critter in the background. I'm not really happy with either. I'm debating calling it Shades: Countrycide. I've also got to edit the html file on the manuscript I've made, then make another .mobi file and see if I can get the formatting fixed on it. Work, work, work. But with a little luck, I might have another Shades out before Halloween.

The boy got sent home from school yesterday for coughing. No fever, not feeling sick...just coughing. Sheesh, back in my day you had to be bleeding from at least two separate locations and showing symptoms of a major communicable disease before they would actually send a kid home. Of course, back then they could give a kid a cough drop. I don't know, sometimes all this so called progress doesn't feel very much like progress at all.

Today being Tuesday means I'll be working at Starbucks later today. The joy sort of went out of that since I'm being strict on my GFCF diet at the moment and can't have my Venti Mocha's. Instead I'm just ordering their house coffee. Today I'm bringing ziploc bag full of sugar with me since I get tired of watching all the other patrons stare at me while I empty one tiny sugar packet after another into my cup in a futile effort to sweeten it. Dammit, I like a little coffee with my sugar! And what's with those little packets anyways? Pitiful! Another area where "progress" could use a little work.

Oh well, I guess it's time to get up and get busy at getting busy.


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  1. They used to have the BIG sugar shakers. But I guess you get just as many stares when you empty the entire shaker into an 8-ounce cup of coffee and then, with trembling fingers, pick it up and make noises of ecstasy as you chug down your sludge. LOL