Saturday, October 9, 2010


Today, the next addition to the Shades series, Wind and Dark Waters, went live on the Kindle. It has the picture up, but not the story description yet. I'll provide that here...

Shades: Winds and Dark Waters feature the first two short stories of the author's that ever reached print.
First up is Storm Chase. Bernie March is a small farmer in 1961 with a big problem. He left his tractor down the hill and near the river, but that's not the problem. Hurricane Carla is roaring in and the river is about to rise, but that's not the problem. There is a pale figure flapping in the wind near his tractor...exactly where he buried the wife he murdered three years earlier. That is a problem.

Following that, and a short author's note, is The World in Strips. Cathy just wanted a little adventure, and a chance to get away from her work, so she persuaded her husband to take a little boat ride down a rural creek with her. But how much does anybody really know about the world, even in their own county...especially nowadays when we experience the world in strips.

Both of these stories were published by Pill Hill Press, in their "Middle of Nowhere: Horror in Rural America," and their "The Bitter End: Tales of Nautical Terror" anthologies. Thanks go out to Jessy and Alva for giving me that opportunity.

Sigh, at least I got something published for October. Now I feel like crawling off into a hole somewhere and passing out. I went to bed with a fever at seven last night. After a night of chills and hot flashes, I woke up at seven this morning to discover I still have the fever and body aches. Blech! The kids are in charge today.

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