Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things Evolve

In the field of writing, it ain't done until it's published. As can be seen above, the cover and title of the upcoming Shades is still evolving. Both the creature and the phantom have gotten "face-lifts" and the title has changed to "Rural Elements." The artwork is pretty close to done, but the title is still in flux. The manuscript is evolving too, as I tweaked it's html file to improve some spacing issues that were coming though on the kindle reader. I still need to center a couple of things better, and possible rethink the author's note, but there is now a possibility I might be able to hit the publish button this weekend on it. (Update--Shades: Storms and Dark Waters...hmmm)

We'll just have to wait and see.

Poor Rowan has a loose tooth. We have no idea how long she has had it, and she had no way to tell us about it. Poor girl, this was probably why she was acting so distracted at school last week. Now that she knew about it, her teacher said she saw her messing with and wiggling it. It also interfered with her lunch. Hopefully it will come out soon and not give her much trouble when it does. It's her first baby tooth coming out. She's growing up.

Sheridan managed to not cough his way out of school today, which was a good thing...especially since I was gone all afternoon with Rowan. He's still coughing, but it seems to have tamed a little. I've been coughing too, and I've heard Rowan starting up as well. Sheridan and Karla are on the downside of it, so at least that's something. It's only early October...I don't want to start catching colds and flus yet.

On the bright side, autumn and winter were my most productive times writing wise the past two years. I'm hoping my muse gets his groove on...or his lazy ass out of bed...and lets me start hammering those keys in a big way soon. I need to get some novels written.

I'm sorta in the mood to cook...maybe even experiment. Maybe I'll make Green Chile Stew tomorrow night. I'm sure the rest of the family will stick their collective noses in the air and yell "Eww!", but being the cook sometimes means you get to make what you want. I'm sure they'll live.

Ah well, I just realized I don't have anything for Rowan's lunches tomorrow so I have to make a midnight run to Walmart.

Lucky me :P

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  1. Oh yeah, this cover looks 100% better. Oh, and I'm shooting for "Rural Dark Waters."

    Hope the family gets well soon!

    Congrats on the cover and both stories!