Sunday, October 24, 2010

Suddenly, I'm 49

Somebody on Facebook just wished me Happy Birthday. I stared stupidly at the screen for a moment, wondering what they were talking about, then realized they were right. Just shy of half a century ago, I graced this planet.

I guess forty nine isn't really THAT old...although, come to think of it, I can remember when cars had fins, so that can't be good. Still, I get this feeling there has to be a mistake somewhere. I mean, at the age of forty nine I should be an adult, and all 'adulty' and stuff. I don't feel adulty. I feel fat and tired a lot, but I never really considered that to be the same thing. Maybe I've had an over glorified idea of what it's supposed to feel like being an adult.

Anyways, if I'm still counting them then I ain't dead that's something. That's a lot of candles, though. Maybe this year I won't even bother with the candles and just set the damn thing on fire. The kids would love it. Or maybe I'll just go out and eat Chinese food...good grief, how old do you have to be to have that for an idea of how to celebrate your birthday? This might be worse than I thought.

And speaking of senility. I went to Sheridan's camp out and watched him get his Bobcat badge at the bonfire beside the river. So what did I forget? The camera...that thing that is usually glued to me whenever I go somewhere with the kids. I had even freed up a lot of space on the memory card for the event, then forgot the  stupid camera. Argghh! It was a cool event too. Sheridan loved the snipe hunt.

So, I guess that's it for now. I'm all tired and sandy from the campout...and being I guess I better get my rest. I need it.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Happy birthday! Amazing how everyone was so old when we were young, and now everyone's young :).
    I always think, looking back, this time will seem young, so I enjoy the youngness. I thought nineteen was old, then twenty-nine, and it seems like childhood :). In our eighties, these days will feel like youth :).
    Love your attitude, go out and celebrate with lighting a cake on fire- love it! Happy day!

  2. Yeah, I felt a lot older when I turned thirty than I do now. Weird how perceptions change.

  3. Happy Birthday, big brother!! I know how you feel. How can I be 45 when I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up? Who do I complain to?? LOL