Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday

Okay, It's Friday...the end of a rather futile and mostly unproductive week. Writing wise, I got a little work done on Argiope but little else. I'm reconsidering the story I'm working on for the Khrem sequel, as I may have just put the wrong story into the wrong setting. The current story doesn't require the setting it's in...the sunless canals...but I have a possible idea for a story that might make better use of them.

I'm also a little unsure of the current story in that it's more of a pure mystery, without as much action that usually shows up in Cargills tales. Basically a simple whodunit in a taven/inn with a bit of politics and a gloomy Cargill on the side. I started recognizing the tone would be completely different than the rest of the Khrem stories so far, and stopped to reconsider it.

This cough that I've been having the past three or four weeks has started getting wet, which brings it's own fun and sunshine into the world. At least the fever and chills are gone. Just my luck, the cough didn't go with them. Grrr....

Been doing a little promotion work, mainly on kindleboards. I know kindleboards work because that's where I promote my short stories and they are selling. Kindleboards only provide a trickle though. I know some people advise using Facebook, but I've tried it and don't recommend it. I have never seen facebook work for anybody, so I just use it mainly for social stuff.  I think friends get tired of friends promoting PDQ anyways. It's too much like preaching to the choir.

I would .like to see another review at a book blog come in. That one three star review this month caused a small spike in sales....I would be curious to see if the phenomenon repeats itself. I'm hoping that if enough people buy my book over the next couple of months, it will start showing up at Goodreads. That would be helpful.

Oh well, that's it for now. I hope everybody enjoys their weekend!

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