Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things Done

Well, I hit the publish button on the latest Shades story last night. Hopefully it will be available and ready to announce by this weekend. At least with that out of the way, I can feel like I have accomplished something this month, and maybe focus and getting a little writing done on other things. I used to be able to write one publishable short story a month. It would be nice to continue that trend and put them up on the kindle.

Anyways, another thing done is the house being relatively clean. The lady who cleans our house every Wednesday has been here, so something else is done...even though I really can't take credit for it. But it still feels good sitting in a clean house...and I'm sure getting somebody else to do it has always been an idea of mine anyways so maybe I should get credit for it after all. Just sayin.

I made a green chili and beef stew last night that was delicious. It was cool because it's been a while since I've done any real cooking...especially something new, and my own recipe. So that's another positive thing to feel good about. Go me!

I've also been very good and stayed on my strict verson of the GFCF diet, even forsaking my Mocha Venti's at Starbucks for the house coffee instead. I feel smarter, but I don't know how that translates into real world performance yet. Man, with all this being good going on I can feel that halo growing already. Either that or my hat is getting tight.

Both buses were late today, which meant extra time spent standing out in the cold. The kids wore their jackets for the first time today. It seems they have grown since last winter, and they now look like orphans wearing sweaters that are too small for them. Sigh. This whole growing thing is inconvienent and starting to cost in clothes. They need to give it a rest for a few years :P

Ta ta!

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