Friday, October 8, 2010

Arrglle Snarrglle...

Well, I had hoped that when I checked Amazon DTP this morning it would show that my newest Shades story had been published. Then I would have linked an image of it here, and revealed it's new title, and announced it and all that.

But it wasn' I won't.

On another front, The Ways of Khrem got it's first review at a book blog. It got three stars out of five, which is a good rating. The critic thought the book was a real page turner, but felt the pace was too fast due to it's structure for him/her to build a rapport with the main charactor. It's a perfectly reasonable opinion and I have no quarrel with it. I have resolved to not be one of those authors who is thin skinned and bristles at every criticism of their work.

I'm tentatively moving forward with Argiope, and I've halted and started doing some replotting with sequel to The Ways of Khrem. For one thing, I'm actually looking at the matter of pacing now that the critic brought that issue up. Now I might just decide that's my style and change nothing, but it never hurts to try and look at your work through other peoples eyes. Argiope was intended to be a fast paced book from the outset, so I doubt little will change. But it's still worth a look.

The fantasy sequel needs some plotting and outlining work due to some mystery elements that I need to get straight. It's a little intricate, and it turns out I can't write it by the seat of my pants as much as I did with the first one. It appears I'm going to have to -- *gasp* -- do some outlining. Sigh.

Work, work, work.

Oh well, at least it's Friday. This is now the one day of the week where the kids are gone to school all day, and I don't have after school activities with either of them. I love Friday. I cherish Friday. Friday is my friend.

So I will now get on with my Friday, and let you get on with yours.


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