Friday, May 6, 2011

So, My Dryer Went Kaput...

The last couple of days I have been very focused and productive. Oddly enough, it hasn't been in what you might think. I have been working very hard on getting caught up with the housework, and taking care of some household matters that have been allowed to slide for far too long around here.

One of those things was the laundry.

As somebody who grew up poor on a farm, and married to somebody else who grew up poor on a farm, I have a few habits that I'm just now learning aren't really conducive to modern suburban life in the 21st century. Such as the fact that we never throw anything away. We hang on to things long past the time we are no longer using them, and they accumulate over time. For instance...clothes.

Over time, as I got older and fatter, I occasionally bought new shirts and shorts to accommodate my new, curvier shape. Naturally, I hung on to my older clothes because I was confident that my new weight was a temporary condition and that soon I would need those smaller sizes again. Au contraire! As it turned out, after another year or two of good living, I now needed even bigger sizes, and those former upgrades joined their older brothers in the "someday" side of the closet rail. Then I had to buy more hangers. Then there were more clothes. And then I realized the other day that I simply could not cram any more clothes on the  long rail of my walk-in closet.


And as I sat there and mused on that situation, I could see how the same thing was happening around the house in other areas. So I got busy.  Old clothes of mine that I haven't worn in years were bagged and are now sitting in the garage awaiting a trip to the Goodwill. The kids closet, and their wildly overflowing toybox that still has toys from when they were babies, has also been noticed.

Then I got all the laundry together from all our rooms that I had let kind of get away from me, and I started washing clothes. Load followed load, followed load, followed load... And after a day and a half of solid laundry work, I was only two loads away from being completely done. And of course that's when my dryer died. At first I thought it might be a breaker, but no dice. I have one dead dryer. Oh well, I'll adapt. If I have to, I'll just find  a laundromat and get some quarters for that. I will not be thwarted.

So at the moment, I'm being more of a househusband than a writer, but that's okay. Stuff is getting done. And some writing has gotten done as well. So that's been my week. I hope everybody out there has had a good one too.

See ya Monday!

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