Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tweaking, September style.

I had sat down today, with the intention to get back to writing but I found myself doing a lot of tweaking on other projects instead.

I've worked more on Shades: A Memory of Me, and it is now up on Kindle DTP waiting for me to push the publish button. I'm pretty happy with it now, after playing around with a beginning that I've always thought was a bit awkward. It turned out to be easily fixed, merely by moving one sentence forward and splitting another off from the paragraph it was in. It's amazing how the small things can immeasurably improve the flow of a story. It took me a couple of hours to get those small things right though. Sigh.

Then I had to ask for help in how to fit more book cover link-images into my kindle boards signature. Another kind author gave me the gist of how it was done, and I spent a couple of more hours fiddling with that until I got it totally figured out. Now I will be able to fit an image for my next story into my signature with the rest. Another small but important victory that took quite a bit of time to get right. Those signature images have probably accounted for at least half my sales this past month.

Now I'm simply waiting to hear from blogs to see if they will be willing to review my novel. I will be showing up in one blog soon, but it will be a review your own book situation. Naturally I found the novel to be a work of genius, destined to take it's place among the great luminaries of literature. Truthfully, I was squirming with discomfort while writing it, but it got written. Go me.

I still need to get back to writing though. It's now September!


  1. What a great feeling--pushing that "publish" button! Go Nate, go!!

    I know what you mean about leaping milestones with all this new fan-dangled technology.

    Cool beans!

  2. Yeah, there's something empowering about that publishing button. But it's a scary button, too. Self doubt creeps in when I hold my finger over that button, and I end up reading through the preview window about 10 times.

    Got to be careful with that button.

  3. ROFL-yep, reading the preview at LEAST 10 x's! So have you pushed it on your latest yet, A Memory of Me?

  4. Yep, it should be up in the next day or two :)