Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday at the Scout Meetup

I took the kiddos to Sheridan's Cub Scout get together.

Rowan was initially very bored and threatened mutiny, but I found a novel way to entertain her. I handed her my little voice recorder that my wife got me for my writing. The little booger figured it out in about three seconds flat and the rest is history.

Sheridan had a blast. Keeping him focused was a challenge at times, but overall he did well.


  1. Your kids are so cute! She's adorable! Just wait until she discovers the talk-back programs on the ipods/phones and/or Talking Tom on the Android phones (there's a parrot one, too) that take the words and say it back with funny voices. She'd love them :)
    Digital natives :)
    Hope the fun continues!

  2. What I found interesting is how once she figured out it's possibilities, she reverted to language. She performed for the electronics where she often wouldn't for people.